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H. R. 204: "To end membership of the United States in the United Nations."(PDF)


NaturalNews article

major quake forecast: january

Wed 2 Jan 14:16:35 UTC 2019

According solely to in-house models, major earthquake activity should be low (with daily seev value of ≤6), prior to 14-JAN. From 14-JAN, for ± 10-days duration, a more active period is forecast. A second period of elevated quake activity is forecast for 25-JAN to 31-JAN inclusive.

As mainstream science states that it is impossible to forecast (major) earthquakes, none of the above is possible, and you should, therefore, disregard what you've just read.

On the other hand, should the forecast be shown to be reasonably accurate, or better, then perhaps there's some truth to the idea of being able to forecast major earthquakes, or at least periods of higher-probability? At the present time, it appears that no-one wants to help with funding, or offer meaningful support. Therefore, this rather informal method is, for now, all that can be done - at least for the time being.

Note: Our home planet is a highly dynamic environment. Nature has the ability to do what it wants, when it wants - so it would be foolish to claim that major quakes will not, or can not, happen - despite the probability of such events being low, or in opposition to what was expected. Thank you.

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